As your local roofing experts in Geelong, we source and supply quality products to our customers. We are able to supply roof sheets, corrugated and metal roofing, COLORBOND®, TRIMDEK® and ZINCALUME® roofing, roof insulation, cladding, flashings and almost any other supplies you could need for your next roofing job.

COLORBOND® roof sheeting and wall cladding

COLORBOND® is the trusted name in quality metal roofing, available in an extensive range of colours. COLORBOND® is also perfect to use as wall cladding, see the COLORBOND® Steel Colour Chart as a starting point.

ZINCALUME® roofing and cladding

ZINCALUME® can be used in a variety of profiles, including curved applications, and is renowned for being tough.

TRIMDEK® roofing and cladding

TRIMDEK® is a square-style cladding which is suitable for roofs with a wide surface area, providing stability and strength. TRIMDEK® also works well as wall cladding.

LYSAGHT® roofing

We stock all LYSAGHT® roofing products, including:

  • CUSTOM ORB® corrugated roofing/wall cladding
  • CUSTOM BLUE ORB® corrugated roofing/wall cladding, best suited to curved applications
  • CUSTOM ORB ACCENT® deep corrugated roofing/wall cladding
  • TRIMDEK® rib-and-pan roofing/wall cladding
  • SPANDEK® square corrugated roofing/wall cladding
  • KLIP-LOK® ranges, concealed and commercial roofing/wall cladding
  • LOK-KLIP® weather-resistant joiners
  • LONGLINE® flat-pan, concealed-fixed roofing
  • FLATDEK® awning cladding with attractive underside
  • INTEGRITY® industrial concealed-fixed roofing
  • ROOFTRAK® a slip-resistant walkway system for roofs
  • Plus all the LYSAGHT® accessories you could need to finish your roof or wall cladding project.

We are currently only taking orders over the phone so please contact us for further information about our products and to order what you need.

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