Is corrugated roofing outdated?

No way! Corrugated roofing has come a long way – today corrugated roofing is available in many colours and different styles of corrugations. Forget your plain silver rounded corrugated tin roof – we can install rounded, squared, flat-panning corrugated roofing and more, in attractive colours like slate grey, beige, blue, green, brick-red and a whole host more. Brands like COLORBOND® have helped make corrugated roofing cool again, thanks to their extensive range of colours and modern anti-fade technology. Talk to us about a more creative way to incorporate corrugated roofing at your home or business in Geelong.

Why is metal roofing such a popular choice?

Our question is, why wouldn’t it be? Metal roofing is so durable and far less susceptible to moss and mould than terracotta tiles. Plus, metal can easily be bent, cut and joined to achieve architectural designs – you just can’t do that sort of thing with tiles! Metal roofing is easily high-pressure cleaned and painted for a new look and can last decades when installed correctly. Metal roofing is a popular choice for many Geelong homes and we don’t see its decline any time soon – or ever!

Do your roof plumbers comply with best practice?

We wouldn’t be employed to work on large industrial jobs and government-commissioned educational facilities if our roof plumbers didn’t comply with best practice. We have a dedicated OHS officer and run regular training for our staff.

What areas do you service?

We are a Geelong-based roofing business servicing clients in Melbourne, Werribee and all along the Surf Coast, through to Warrnambool and Apollo Bay. We’ve worked on educational facilities in Geelong, commercial projects in Melbourne, industrial sheds in Werribee, holiday homes in Wye River and almost everything in between. Just like our motto “we’ve got you covered!”

If I have a leaking roof can you help me any time of the day or night?

Absolutely – we provide emergency roof repairs in Geelong and district, to fix your leaking roof in a flash, preventing further damage. We will also provide images and a report for insurance purposes. We also provide regular roof repairs in Geelong, for non-urgent jobs please call our landline. For 24/7 service call the mobile number listed on the contact page.

I need a roof restoration – can you help?

We won’t replace a roof just for the sake of it! If your roof is in good condition but just needs a clean and paint, a roof restoration in Geelong will do the trick.