Roof Repairs

A leaking roof can cause extensive damage if left unattended, which can make matters much worse when it comes to making an insurance claim. As soon as you notice your roof isn’t providing the protection it is designed for, you should contact us and have it seen to ASAP.

All repairs are carried out by a qualified tradesman. We can provide photos and reports to assist with your insurance claims, as well as quotes for permanent roof repairs at your home or business. We’ll fix the immediate problem, i.e. leaking in the roof cavity or walls, and devise a plan to prevent the problem happening again in future. We patch up the leak, plan for the future and most importantly, fix the problem!

Our roof leak repair service is available to new and existing residential, commercial and industrial clients in Geelong and district. If it’s not an emergency why don’t you book an inspection and quote for roof restorations in Geelong.