Roof repairs and maintenance in Geelong

Leaking roof and gutter repairs and roof cleaning services

As qualified roof plumbers in Geelong, we provide a full maintenance and repairs service to prevent roof problems at your home, business, factory or shed. Preventative services include roof inspections and high-pressure cleaning of roofs, gutters and down pipes.

Roof maintenance and cleaning is best done by a professional who understands roof safety and preventative measures. Not only do ladders and heights not bother us, we’re fully trained in OHS for our industry, so we absorb the risk, not you.

We will investigate leaks and provide leaking roof repairs to prevent further damage. We also repair or replace broken or blocked gutters, spouts and flashings. We provide box gutter sealing and lining to prevent leaks.

We maintain and repair all metal roofs, including corrugated roofing, COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® roofing, fibreglass roofing and all gutters and down pipes. Full roof reports are available and can be used for insurance claims.

We offer scheduled maintenance for commercial and industrial buildings and roof repairs in Geelong. See our other roofing services in Geelong and contact us for enquiries about any roof plumbing project you need completed.