Industrial cladding in Geelong

Industrial cladding is highly functional, offering thermal benefits, allowing natural light into your workplace and being strong and sturdy enough to be used over large-spanning areas. We have installed industrial cladding for factories, warehouses and sheds, with some projects spanning kilometres.

Our roof plumbers are experienced at working on big industrial projects and achieve a seamless and safe result time and again. Industrial cladding materials we routinely use include:

  • corrugated steel
  • translucent sheeting
  • fibreglass sheeting

A perfect example of how industrial cladding can benefit your business is a fibreglass re-roofing job we did, which helped reduce the company’s energy bills by allowing more clean, natural light into the shed, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

A combination of fibreglass and corrugated steel sheeting for rooftops and wall cladding can work as the ideal combination for your industrial shed.

Our roof plumbers also provide the architectural cladding Geelong clients need to achieve outstanding designs on houses and commercial buildings. Please contact us to discuss our other roofing services.